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Yippie! Back blogging about Postcrossing!

I am sorry that it has been so long since I last posted about my Postcrossing across the globe. I have been having internet provider issues – which are now all sorted! I am so happy! We now have a new provider and I can now blog whenever I want and I no longer need to worry about it!

I cannot believe that in December; I will have been a member of Postcrossing for NINE years! How exciting!

Here are my Stats for May 2019:

In May your mailbox was happy 5 days!
Your numbers
May Ever
Postcards sent 14 570
Postcards received 9 566
Country ranking
By sent 277th
By distance 269th

Country distribution

In May you sent postcards to…

Country Sent % Travel (avg)
U.S.A. 4 28.6% 47
Germany 3 21.4% 41
Canada 1 7.1% 51
Czechia 1 7.1% 44
Finland 1 7.1% 42
Lithuania 1 7.1% 44
Poland 1 7.1% 43
Russia 1 7.1% 50
Singapore 1 7.1% 45

In May you received postcards from…

Country Received % Travel (avg)
Germany 4 44.4% 5
Belgium 1 11.1% 3
Finland 1 11.1% 6
Netherlands 1 11.1% 7
Singapore 1 11.1% 5
U.S.A. 1 11.1% 6
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Where do I get my Postcards from?

There are many places where I can buy my postcards from and I thought that I would share some of the places…

The local cards I get from my Post Office and stationery shop; these cards are multi-view cards of my little town but after a while, they can get a little boring.

I have also ordered some postcards from VistaPrint, but that was many years ago. It was a simple design back then. There are many different designs now; I am thinking about creating some in the coming months.

I have also ordered some postcards from PostalLove; a Polish-based online shop. There are MANY different designs and now they are selling Air Mail stickers; which are super cute!

There are always adverts on the main Postcrossing website; that advertise Postcard sellers. I need to grab the websites and have a look at all of their cards.

I will keep you all posted (ha ha!) about where I will be buying my Postcards from…

Stamp You Later…


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Postcrossing Across The Globe…

…one postcard at a time!


Hey everyone, I have been collecting Postcards for many years; over twenty years!! I started off sticking them into scrapbooks, but I have not decided to keep them all in photo albums…current count is 4 scrapbooks and 5 albums!!!
My all time fave Postcard, is the one a received from Mars…Mars, Pa! Little Green Men…how cute!! Can you beat it?

Here on this blog I will be sharing everything about my Postcrossing adventures; come along and see what the world can show you!

This is my blog about my Postcrossing Across The Globe..enjoy!

Stamps You Later..